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How It Works?

Sign Up And
Add Your Account

Sign up to our system and then add your Instagram account. Thanks to our data encryption, we guarantee you complete security and confidentiality. Once you do, you will get the access to the dashboard where you can set up and launch your campaigns.

Target Your

Set up a filter, depending on your target audience, use themed hashtags, matching geo-locations and accounts of like-minded people or competitors.


Masslooking Instagram is a completely new technology enabling to appear in the list of millions users who viewed stories. When a user sees your account, he/she becomes curious and visits your page, interacts with publications and becomes your reader.

your growth

We keep track of all the account activities and measure the amount of new genuine followersyou get using our service every day. Every month you will have a special growth report, available on your dashboard.

About InstaProTeam

The Current Illusion
Everyone wants to be noticed but most people feel that if they create the illusion of activity by paying for useless bots that create fake users which they think will attract real users. Unfortunately, that notion is a waste of money and does not provide any value to your account.
Don’t Just Draw Attention, Grab It
Our patented software is able to target users in your selected area and interact with them in real time. These users are identified using the specific targeting points which we help you choose and identify to better build your account.
Expand Your Growth
We provide a convenient online user friendly website, development advice and technical support for the entire period that your using our software. You control the process by only adjusting the parameters and we handle everything else. Our users consist of individuals, entrepreneurs, public people, media companies, sportsmen, lawyers, doctors, vehicle companies and various other businesses.
Increase Activity
Following a detailed algorithm of background processes, you will receive a permanent increase in real followers that is interested in exactly your profile or business. Properly selected InstaProTeam settings will help you quickly and effectively attract as many people as possible.


Choose your plan and start getting real Instagram followers today.
Free 7-day trial
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For personal accounts
  • Up to 600 quality targeted followers per month
  • Up to 3000 visits per month
  • Up to 300 real likes per post
  • 4 real comments per post
  • Up to 400 additional story views
  • Audience Targeting
  • Monthly Analytics & Reports
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Business
    For business accounts and active users
  • Up to 1200 quality targeted followers per month
  • Up to 5000 visits per month
  • Up to 600 real likes per post
  • 8 real comments per post
  • Up to 800 additional story views
  • Audience Targeting
  • Direct Messaging
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Monthly Analytics & Reports
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Reviews